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Seven Hills Settlements provides support to help investors after the acquisition of the investment product. 
Life Settlement Services
  • Policy Management [+]
    Investors direct Seven Hills Settlements regarding their long-term goals for their portfolio -- whether to acquire-and-hold, or to assemble a portfolio for ultimate resale of the asset to the secondary market. Our management team will assist you in modeling the asset to meet your needs and goals.
  • Tracking [+]
    • Social Security verification, performed on a weekly basis, is conducted to provide the investor with timely information regarding those insured;
    • Private Investigation Services are provided for those investors that require more detailed information on those insured;
    • Quarterly communications with the Insured's physician or representatives are available to provide periodic access to the current and future health prognosis of those insured.
  • Premium Payments [+]
    • Seven Hills Settlements works with investors to best determine how to structure payments to keep your policy in force, while meeting your cash flow needs.
    • ACH debits to a managed account or custodial account with a bank of your choice.
  • Collection of Settlements from Carriers [+]
    • Carriers are obligated to pay, usually with 30-60 days of receipt of the claim.
    • We work with owners and carriers to submit and collect claim.
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