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Seven Hills Settlements, LLC specializes in risk-managed investments through an innovative insurance investment instrument called "Life Settlements." A Life Settlement is a lump sum cash settlement paid to an insurance policy holder in exchange for contract ownership rights.  Typically, the acquisition cost is based on a fraction of the policy's face value and exceeds the policy's surrender value available to the policy owner. The purchaser becomes the new owner and assumes responsibility for payments to keep the policy in force throughout the life of the one insured. Life Settlements are a stable asset class that is not affected by large acquisitions and typically not correlated with financial markets. As such, they are similar to a negative-coupon long bond, albeit with an indefinite maturity, and provide an excellent alternative strategy to contribute to a long-term investment portfolio.
Life Settlements are structured primarily for risk averse investors who wish to earn high returns on an alternative investment with a long lock-up period and limited mark-to-market ability.  Advanced data analysis of health prognosis characteristics, with proven actuarial studies of life expectancies provide models that can return above-market fixed-income rates. Because of the stable nature of life insurance, Life Settlements are typically not adversely affected by world events and fluctuations in the financial markets, and, as such, may serve as a hedge against market volatility. Investors who have been increasingly disappointed with the capital markets will find this approach appealing as an alternative strategy to contribute to a long-term portfolio.
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